Where are YOUR photos?

Hello, I'm Melody Whitehead.  THANK YOU for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy clicking around and will contact me.  Besides offering events in-person or online, I also offer a complimentary 1-hour Photo Consultation in person, on phone or screen sharing so I can learn how BEST to help you with your photo situation.  

You have favorite memories and stories to tell.  Let me help you leave a priceless gift for your loved ones in a way that works for YOU!  I offer different photo solutions so you can find what will work for YOU!  
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My passion for 20+ years -

Offer Photo Solutions in Private or Group Sessions

Offer Permanent Permanent Storage Guaranteed

Offer old outdated Media Conversion Digitization as well as Photo & Album Scanning

Offer Digital and Traditional Products

Offer the Opportunity to do what I'm doing

My mission is helping people like you feel good about your photos, be able to manage them in your busy life and create a photo system that works for you plus show you how to gift your digital estate to loved ones and future generations.

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Helping people with their treasured photos and stories "One Photo Goal At A Time"!     ~ Melody