Friends, Fotos & Forever Events

DSCN1408Twice a year gather together for 2 days/ overnight at a local hotel with other photo enthusiasts making progress on photo organization, completing photo projects and albums, learning new Photo Solutions, things about Forever and getting assistance from me.  It's the perfect time to get together with your friends, other photo enthusiasts and make new friends.  
Are you brand new? That's okay. Beginners are welcome.
To learn more about my Events, get upcoming dates and location:
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You have favorite memories and stories to tell. Let me help you leave a priceless gift for your loved ones in a way that works for YOU! 
Contact me to schedule a complimentary 1-hour Photo Consultation in person or on the phone so I can learn how BEST to be of service to you.  I offer Photo Solutions in private and group sessions, permanent storage, scanning, media conversion and online photo projects and digital software.  
I offer different photo solutions so you can find what will work for YOU!  

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I look forward to helping you "One Photo Goal At A Time"! ~ Melody

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 Friends, Fotos & Forever Digital Event