Permanent Storage

I was personally concerned with my photos being at the mercy of my computer, camera, phone and external hard drives. Would my children know where to get their photos if something happened to me? Are my albums and photo books enough?  Where can I back-up my photo albums and photo books in case of disaster or so all my children, grandchildren, future generations have access to them? I know technology changes, computers crash, external hard drives can corrupt, phones can be lost, so a dear friend told me about FOREVER permanent photo storage and media conversion in 2015, I was ecstatic!  As I share what I found, many others are excited too because they see the benefits for their family, too.

Watch these two short videos to learn more about Forever and the man behind itWhy I Founded Forever - Glen Meakem and What is Guaranteed Storage - Glen Meakem

At Forever, they believe that every person should have a permanent, secure, trustworthy "place" in the web - a digital home that you OWN.  A place where you can collect, curate, celebrate, privately share and permanently store your photos, stories and documents (videos coming 2018) guaranteed for future generations using any computer or mobile device.  I believe that also!  I am excited to add this photo solution offering as well as Media Conversion and scanning services to my Photo Business. 

You have favorite memories and stories to tell. Let me help you leave a priceless gift for your loved ones. Contact me.  ~ Melody