In-Home Scanning

I offer in-home Scanning Services -

Mom Scanning Do you have photos and albums that deserve to be scanned and digitized?  Would you like "Memory Insurance"?  

  • Black-and-white and color photos
  • Letters, certificates and historical documents
  • Kids’ drawings, artwork, awards and report cards
  • Postcards and other memorabilia
  • Traditional scrapbook album pages

I have a Complete Scanning System in my home which includes a Flatbed Scanner that can handle oversize and fragile pictures and documents, including scrapbook pages.  I have a Photo Selector Accessory option that permits me to extract individual images from a composite image (such as a multi-picture photo album page) and have each image saved as a separate digital file after scanning.  Now fragile album pages are protected, and there’s no need to risk damage to photos by taking apart a complete album or removing pictures that may have been in place for years.  In addition, my Scanning System allows categorization of images in custom-named folders, restore and enhance image quality, and return digital images to USB drives, CD/DVD or any network location.

Once your photos and albums are scanned and digitized, they can be uploaded into your Permanent Forever Storage account guaranteed to pass on to future generations and/or I can turn your Traditional Scrapbook Albums into a Photo Storybook like I did in the photo above of my Mother. Two 12x12 traditional albums I created together with my Grandmother for her 90th birthday in 1996, nineteen years later, I scanned each album page and created an 84 page Storybook also pictured. It can now be ordered multiple times so her life can be shared with other generations. 

Below is a photo of the two 12x12 traditional albums, a photo showing two scrapbook pages in the traditional album opened next to the storybook opened to the same two pages and a photo showing the two traditional albums stacked approximately 4" and 10 lbs. with the storybook only 1/2' and 2 lbs. on top of it.  What can I help you get scanned?  Contact me.  

Click to learn how I can help you with old outdated Media Conversion so you can enjoy those lost memories again.   

You have favorite memories and stories to tell. Let me help you leave a priceless gift for your loved ones in a way that works for YOU!2 albums Scanning album vs. storybook 2 albums measurement









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