I have known Melody for over 25 years, and we began our journey with photo preservation together in 1995. She is still going strong and is still fully committed to helping people with their photos and their memories! Melody has recently been helping me with all of my heritage photos, and has been an invaluable help to me scanning them all in and helping me to organize them and preserve them with 'Forever'. My photos would still be sitting in a box on my shelf if it wasn't for Melody's help! She personally scanned each and every one into the computer for me, and is helping me to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy them. I couldn't have done it without her! I owe her a debt of gratitude for her help and guidance!   ~ Lori P.

I started making traditional photo albums with Melody in 1997 and she taught me how to make digital photo Storybooks in 2007.  Melody is a wonderful Photo Coach and can help with most photo problems.  I don't know what I would do without Melody's assistance and her Workshops.   ~ Eulah H.

I am SO in love with Forever!! I get photos of my reluctant teen from other families and can save them easily from email in my phone, to my phone and into Forever, forever! ❤️ Thank you Melody for having this passion for photo solutions. I can't imagine my life without your wonderful gift!    ~Vicki D.
I met Melody in 2002 after my daughter convinced me to join her to attend Melody’s Friday workshops.  My daughter had just gotten married and was working on her wedding album with the help of Melody.  I wanted to work on a family heritage album and had no idea how to start.  Melody gave me wonderful ideas how to begin, some wonderful products to use and I consequently finished a beautiful Volume I of old family pictures, which I am very proud of.  Before starting Volume II, Melody helped me get the traditional albums I wanted to put my old pictures in.  Melody ALWAYS has good ideas and new products all the time.  In the years I have known Melody, she has helped me numerous times to order unusual photo gifts for my husband and son-in-law.  As of the last few months, after seeing a large canvas collage on Melody’s wall, I decided I wanted to take four different framed collages in my house and change them over to canvas.  Melody has taken apart four of my old framed collages, scanned all the photos, did some photo restoration, sharpening and color touch-up and then designed the photos on 4 different canvases.  I have received two of the canvases so far and both my husband and I love them!  THANKS MELODY FOR ALL YOU DO!   ~ Sandy O.