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Melody Whitehead, Founder, Photo Solutions with Melody, LLC & Safeguard Your Memories™

In 1995, I started my photo business. Then, people had lots of boxes of printed photos and completed photo albums. Next, came the digital revolution.

Now, we help people digitize their photo albums and loose printed photos; as well as their outdated media (VHS tapes, film reels, slides, negatives, floppy disks, CDs, etc.) Together with newer digital images held in modern devices (cell phone, SD cards, external hard drive, flash drive, etc.) we help people organize the old and new into one digital, private, secure home that they own. Where there is no advertising and no compression of images, they stay in their full-resolution. In addition, the current file format will be updated so it will never become obsolete guaranteed. This means we can enjoy them now and easily share with future generations even after we are no longer here.

Coming in 2020 under Safeguard Your Memories™, a division of Photo Solutions with Melody, we'll have step-by-step educational videos and instructions to help you through the process of scanning/conversion, online storage organization and preservation as well as printing of photo books and other photo projects.

Don’t let your precious memories be stuck in boxes, a device or lost in a disaster. Let’s get you started today! Contact us.